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sixgunlover records

About Us

Sixgunlover Records has been operating since 1998. A boutique label focused on uniquely packaged releases from artists who transcend mediocrity with their focused musical approach. Sixgunlover prides itself in curating limited edition releases and unique artist pairings.

SGL021 Thee Conductor "Cotton Tornado" LP

SGL019.5 Lips n' Ass s/t 7inch

SGL019 The Formal Listening Series LP

SGL018 D-W/L-SS, JBe split 7inch

SGL017 JBe/Bill Dolan split 7inch

SGL016 Das Boton "Soda Drip" CD

SGL015 Hello Lovers "Gone With The Wind" CD

SGL014 Quien es, BOOM! "Cast Your Burdens Aside" CD

SCIV001 Will Johnson Book Bound CDEP

SGLP013 Joan of Arc/Bundini Brown split LP

SGL012 Les Messieurs Du Rock CD

SGL011 Bosco and Jorge "Ally In The Sky" CD

SGL010 Ghosts and Vodka "Addicts n' Drunks" CD

SGL009 Noyes s/t CD

SGL008 An Automotive s/t CD

SGLP007 Pele/Rhythm of Black Lines split LP

SGL006 Ghosts and Vodka "Precious Blood" CD

SGL005 Adolfo's Reversal CDEP

SGL004 Rhythm of Black Lines "Set A Summery Table" CDEP

SGL003 Rhythm of Black Lines s/t CDEP

SGL002 Meadowlark/Slave One Split LP

SGL001 Jeweled Handles s/t CDEP