GHOSTS AND VODKA "Addicts and Drunks" soon to be released on vinyl, 2017! We have had thousands of requests for GNV on vinyl over the years so now your dreams will come true.

THEE CONDUCTOR is an art project led by Jason Butler. The album includes guest musicians (strings, horns, amplified instruments) and guest vocalists. Guests of note includes BONNIE PRINCE BILLY and percussionist KEVIN SHAE. 

Visual artist Dave Bryant who's previous work includes music videos for BILL CALLAHAN and WILL OLDHAM will be producing a video for the title track, "Cotton Tornado". Look for this Fall 2017 release!

Sub Pop Record's 5IVE STYLE has had material sitting in their vaults for many years.. its time to unleash it! Limited Edition vinyl w/ a release date TBD!