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Ghosts and Vodka "Precious Blood" CD

$10,000.00 - Sold out

Image of Ghosts and Vodka "Precious Blood" CD Image of Ghosts and Vodka "Precious Blood" CD

The much anticipated debut-full length release from Chicago's Ghosts and Vodka (GnV). Featuring longtime friends and best buds Scott Shellhamer, Victor Villarreal, Erik Bocek and Sam Zurick.

The artwork featured individual inserts with short stories written by Sam that were placed on top & around wonderful illustrations. The artwork continued underneath the tray card so that you would have to snap out the plastic tray card to see the artwork and to find a secret website link.

Their were several re-pressings of this release including some with pink plastic tray cards. Approximately 4-5,000 were made before we decided to cease production due to the packaging expense.

Previous Label: Hefty Records
Engineering: Elliot Dicks
Mastering: Roger Seibel
Additional Soundscapes: John Hughes III